Great Roses For Birmingham Rose Growers

Below is a list of roses that grow very well in my Birmingham area rose garden.

Hybrid Teas  

  • Moonstone – White w/Pink Tips
  • Veteran’s Honor – Red
  • Opening Night – Red
  • Artistry – Orange/Coral
  • Gemini – White w/Pink Tips


  • Dream Come True – Yellow/Pink blend
  • Cherry Parfait – White w/red tips
  • Queen Elizabeth – Pink


  • Julia Child – Yellow
  • Moondance – White
  • Lavaglut (aka LavaFlow) – Dark Red
  • Iceberg – White
  • Betty Boop – Red w/yellow tips


  • New Dawn – Light Pink
  • Don Juan – Red
  • Lady Banks – Yellow

4 Responses to Great Roses For Birmingham Rose Growers

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  2. Marie-Claude David says:

    Hello Sir,
    Do you know of a hybrid tea rose named Audrey Hepburn bred by Gerry Twomey a Canadian hybridizer .I and a fellow rosarian from Texas have been looking for that rose for a very long time and are exploring every avenue possible to locate it.
    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated .
    Thank you
    M.C. David


  3. gardengeri says:

    Great list for Georgia too!


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