>Sleep. Creep. Leap. – Golden Celebration

>Someone told me a few years ago that when planting and growing roses, the SLEEP, CREEP, LEAP rule of thumb applies. I have followed this advice after planting 2 David Austin Roses named “Golden Celebration”. I was not thrilled with the performance of this rose after the first year and almost shovel pruned them both. I am so glad I didn’t. Here are a few shots from each growing season. I have yet to see a re-bloom on these roses, despite David Austins claims of constant re-bloom. They receive the same water and fertilizer that all my other roses receive.

2008 – SLEEP
Allow your plant to become acclimated and put down some roots.

Planted March 2008

2009 – CREEP
You will see some steady growth, some good foliage and a few blooms.

Bud from 2009

A few blooms from 2009


2010 – LEAP!

Now reaching a stage of vigor, the plant should come into its own in your garden.
This one has been a show stopper for me this year!

Lessons learned:

In our point and click society, I was looking for an instant winner. A rose that would spring up out of the ground immediately and WOW us every month with fabulous blooms. What I learned was that good things come to those who have patience and the good sense to listen to the advice of people who have traveled down the same road.

About RedneckRosarian

For Chris VanCleave aka "The Redneck Rosarian", growing roses has become a passion. An American Rose Society Accredited Consulting Rosarian, Chris is an active member of the Birmingham Rose Society and most recently served two terms as President. He is a member of the American Rose Society serving on the Marketing and Membership committees. His writing appears at About.com, on his popular blog, RedneckRosarian.com where he chronicles his gardening adventures and explores an intrinsic mix of life, faith and gardening. Creator and host of Rose Chat Radio, the only broadcast dedicated to growing roses, Chris is a tireless advocate of our national floral emblem; the rose. He and his wife tend a rose garden of over 150 roses just south of Birmingham, Alabama.
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5 Responses to >Sleep. Creep. Leap. – Golden Celebration

  1. Phillip says:

    >Hi Chris, my Buff Beauty is about 10 years old. It is a large rose and the only one that I have a place for to let it do what it wants. It is about 5 feet tall and at least 8 ft. wide.I'd love to have Golden Celebration but I don't know where I'd put it! Do you grow a lot of the Austin roses?


  2. >I did not know that growing theory applied for roses so it is something I will remember now. It is a beauty!


  3. Jim Groble says:

    >You are our guru for all things rose. jim


  4. Jennifer says:

    >I can totally relate! We live in a fast food convenience world but we learn that roses (and other flowers) do not fit into that mentality. God truly knows best…it's the things we wait for that we appreciate most! GC is a beauty!


  5. >The three-year comparisons are amazing! I know I have to learn patience when I garden.


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