>Rose Report – Roses Under Cultivation As Of 11/13/2010


In February of this year I posted a report of all the roses in my garden. I did not refer to it again until this morning when I was adding a rose or two to my list of roses that I have growing right now on my place. Yikes! My list of roses has doubled since February. It is as follows:

Rose List as of November 13, 2010

1 Blushing Knock Out – Shrub
1 Don Juan Climber -Climber
1 Double Delight – Shrub
2 Double Knock Out – Shrub
1 Dream Come True – Grandiflora
1 Gold Medal – Grandiflora

3 Golden Celebration David Austin English Roses
1 Gypsy – Hybrid Tea
1 Just Joey – Hybrid Tea
2 Knock Out – Shrub
1 Mr. Lincoln – Hybrid Tea
1 Peace – Hybrid Tea
1 Queen Elizabeth – Grandiflora
1 Reine Des Violettes – Hybrid Perpetual

1 Tropicana – Hybrid Tea
2 Pink Hybrid Tea – Unidentified
1 Veteran’s Honor – Hybrid Tea
1 Mutabilis – China
1 Swamp Rose – Species
2 Moondance – Floribunda
1 Iceberg – Floribunda
1 Burgundy Iceberg – Floribunda

2 Julia Child – Floribunda
1 Buff Beauty – Hybrid Musk
3 Social Climber – Climber
3 Caldwell Pink – Polyantha
2 The Fairy – Polyantha
2 Rainbow Knockout – Shrub
1 Pink Rose unknown (given by Bob Eskew May 2010)
3 Mary Rose – David Austin English Rose
1 Tiddly Winks – Miniature Rose. Own Root
1 Heartbreaker – Miniature Rose. Own Root
1 L.D. Braithwaite – David Austin English

2 Marilyn Wellan – Hybrid Tea
1 Hot Princess – Hybrid Tea
1 Louise Estes – Hybrid Tea
2 Benjamin Britten – David Austin English Roses
1 Madri Gras – Floribunda
1 Scentimental – Floribunda

My rose count in February was 22. Now I believe it stands at 56. If God has taught me anything in my garden, it is patience. The Hope of things to come. This was something I sorely needed in my life. Roses planted this year, bring a little beauty, but LOOK OUT, next year will be “da bomb!”

About RedneckRosarian

For Chris VanCleave aka "The Redneck Rosarian", growing roses has become a passion. An American Rose Society Accredited Consulting Rosarian, Chris is an active member of the Birmingham Rose Society and most recently served two terms as President. He is a member of the American Rose Society serving on the Marketing and Membership committees. His writing appears at About.com, on his popular blog, RedneckRosarian.com where he chronicles his gardening adventures and explores an intrinsic mix of life, faith and gardening. Creator and host of Rose Chat Radio, the only broadcast dedicated to growing roses, Chris is a tireless advocate of our national floral emblem; the rose. He and his wife tend a rose garden of over 150 roses just south of Birmingham, Alabama.
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4 Responses to >Rose Report – Roses Under Cultivation As Of 11/13/2010

  1. Jim says:

    >Can't wait to see when you reach 200. Oh, the fragrance.


  2. >You realize you are partially to blame for this present madness! One read of your former blog and I was drawn in…….


  3. Jennifer says:

    >I am continually propagating every year from "found" roses. I have about 10 small ones to get in the ground this month. I can't seem to stop…I just love roses so much. You have made me curious as to just how many I have too! I think you only have too many if you don't enjoy them anymore!


  4. >You are standing at the precipice of a VERY slippery slope. Roses beget more roses, and more roses develop into pot ghettos. Pretty soon you're up to your hips in roses! Connie


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