>Time to Fertilize, Transplant & GROW


With the demise of two roses this week, I took the opportunity to relocate my L.D. Braithwaite into the area formerly occupied by “Jusy Joey” hybrid tea. I also moved a “Mardi Gras” I had wedged into a raised bed last fall to its new home.

I fertilized all roses today. If you are a rose in a raised bed or in the ground, I fed you Mills Magic Rose Mix. This product is a combination of alfalfa meal, fish meal, steamed bone meal, cottonseed meal, blood meal, activated sludge, and an organic compost activator. NPK analysis is 6-5-1. It will do wonders for your roses!

If you are a potted rose in my garden, you were fed “Moo Poo” Tea. A good friend from Twitter is the owner of Haven Brand soil conditioners. I purchased a variety pack consisting of Cow Manure, Horse Manure & Alfalfa for roses. You brew up a batch in a 5 gallon container and just drop the tea bag into the water for 1-3 days, then apply liberally to roses. This is the first year to use this product and I am excited to see the results.

It is my endeavor this year to only feed with organic fertilizers

Grow Roses Grow!

About Chris VanCleave - America's Favorite Rose Gardener

Christopher R. VanCleave – America’s Favorite Rose Gardener Nicknamed "The Redneck Rosarian”, Chris VanCleave is passionate about gardening and growing roses. He is an active member of the Birmingham chapter of the American Rose Society, serving two terms as President. In 2007, he created the Rose Chat Podcast which has reached over a half a million listeners with news and information on growing on growing the world’s most beloved flower, the rose. He was a contributor to the 2015 Southern Living Gardening Book, has appeared on P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home television show and was featured in the June 2015 issue of Southern Living Magazine. Locally, Chris serves as Chairman of the Helena Alabama Beautification Board where he has spearheaded efforts to create a sustainable landscape in one of the top one hundred places to live in the United States. His writing is seen at About.com and on his popular website; RedneckRosarian.com, where he chronicles his gardening adventures and explores an intrinsic mix of life, faith and gardening. An agent of change with over 20 years’ experience in process innovation, Mr. VanCleave is leading the charge to reinvigorate horticultural societies and helping them to reach their full potential in the social media age.
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3 Responses to >Time to Fertilize, Transplant & GROW

  1. >That Mills Magic sounds like it has a lot of good ingredients in it Chris. Sorry to hear you lost a couple roses over the winter. It always makes me sad when one of mine gets killed.I usually move them to a little plot hoping that just maybe they will root up but they never do.Wishful thinking I guess.


  2. greggo says:

    >Interesting fertilizer choices. I am currently reading a book recommended by the Garden Musings blog author Professor Roush from Kansas. Its called Teaming with Microbes-a gardeners guide to the Soil Food Web. It has a section on compost teas that might interest you, and also what type of composts to use for roses. And its priced very reasonable, I think you would like it. Just joey is my wife's favorite rose, did yours die?


  3. >Greggo,I'm gonna check that book out. Sounds like an interesting read. I fear I did the "Just Joey" in. I over sprayed it 2 years ago with lime sulphur way too late in the year and it just stopped growing. Was down to one cane smaller than a #2 pencil. Very sad. I too loved this rose and will probably replace it with another. If I can find one….


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