June Is National Rose Month

The month of June has been set aside as National Rose Month. I want to challenge all my fellow bloggers to blog Roses this month. Whether it be one post on roses or 30, just post.

Since 1986, the Rose has been our National Floral Emblem. In reality, it is an international symbol of love, honor, peace, gratitude and friendship. Roses, in some form or another have always been a part of my life and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

I have listed below a few ways you can celebrate this month with roses. I’d love to hear from you as to what you did!

  1. Visit one of the many roses gardens around the county. Many are bursting with blooms this month.
  2. Take roses to nursing homes, hospitals and hospices. You’ll brighten someone’s day and make a new friend.
  3. Teach your kids about roses and how it’s our National Floral Emblem.
  4. Buy and plant a new rose bush for your garden. Then buy one for a friend or neighbor and help them plant it. My rose care tips will help get them planted and blooming in no time.
  5. Attend your local rose societies monthly meeting. A list of rose societies can be found HERE
  6. Join the American Rose Society – it’s a decision you won’t regret. The American Rose Magazine alone is well worth the cost of membership.
  7. Why not contact a local women’s shelter and volunteer to plant a rose garden?
  8. Take Pictures of your favorite roses. Share them with friends in cards, notes and letters.
  9. Ask your parents, grandparents and other relatives about the roses they grew.
  10. Take cuttings of roses and share with family members. Continue the legacy of roses in your family.

About Chris VanCleave - America's Favorite Rose Gardener

Christopher R. VanCleave – America’s Favorite Rose Gardener Nicknamed "The Redneck Rosarian”, Chris VanCleave is passionate about gardening and growing roses. He is an active member of the Birmingham chapter of the American Rose Society, serving two terms as President. In 2007, he created the Rose Chat Podcast which has reached over a half a million listeners with news and information on growing on growing the world’s most beloved flower, the rose. He was a contributor to the 2015 Southern Living Gardening Book, has appeared on P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home television show and was featured in the June 2015 issue of Southern Living Magazine. Locally, Chris serves as Chairman of the Helena Alabama Beautification Board where he has spearheaded efforts to create a sustainable landscape in one of the top one hundred places to live in the United States. His writing is seen at About.com and on his popular website; RedneckRosarian.com, where he chronicles his gardening adventures and explores an intrinsic mix of life, faith and gardening. An agent of change with over 20 years’ experience in process innovation, Mr. VanCleave is leading the charge to reinvigorate horticultural societies and helping them to reach their full potential in the social media age.
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16 Responses to June Is National Rose Month

  1. roses bring such joy, what wonderfully generous ideas to spread that joy! Thank you for reminding me that sharing a hobby only doubles its pleasures.


  2. Amen!! Walking my garden, even though it’s a complete mess right now, still brings me so much joy. What would my life be like without the dear friends I have made through our mutual love of roses? Happy Rose Month, Chris.


  3. We are going to Anderson Japanese Gardens in rockford, IL. this weekend. I hope to see many incredible roses there!


  4. seniorhiker says:

    We’ll be going to the rose garden at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Of course, we will also be enjoying the roses in our own garden.


    • A buddy of mine, Paul Zimmerman is overseeing the Biltmore Rose Trials there. Roses grown in no spray conditions. Thus far, to rave reviews… Check out the “VanLeer” floribunda growing there, named after Loretta Lynn. I will look forward to hearing about your trip…


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  6. Almost every week in the summer we take about 15 vases of roses to a local cancer center. It is a bit of work, but lots of fun also and hopefully it will spread the love of roses. From now until a hard frost, my kitchen will be filled with vases being washed, dried, and filled, but it is worth it!


    • What a wonderful way to share your love of roses. So many people in hospital and hospice long for a fresh bloom and a ray of hope. You are providing a valuable service to your community. Thank you for sharing your story with me….


  7. jonathanburton says:

    Hi! Thanks for your ‘like’ on my blog. I am indeed intending to post rose pictures in June as they bloom. Having only recently moved to our house (on the south cost of England) we only have such roses as were already here, or things in pots. But they are all a joy.
    Do you get David Austin’s English Roses where you are??
    Keep the roses flying!


    • Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we have several of David Austin”s roses in our garden. Of the six varieties we have, I think Golden Celebration is my favorite. Looking forward to your posts…


  8. I have been watercoloring a roses almost every day so far in June.


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  10. Ellie says:

    Ditto for liking my post on roses. My garden is in the process of being established, and whereas I doubt I’ll accommodate as many roses as you have in your garden, I will be having a good try! I can’t imagine life without roses, so enjoyed your post.


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