Extending Vase Life Of Your Blooms

My wife and I made a deal when I began to plant roses in our garden. “Plant as many as you want”, she said. “Just make sure I always have fresh blooms in my boudoir.” The boudoir in our home is the area of our master bedroom and bath where my wife prepares for the day. She often sits and applies makeup, perfume etc. and wants to enjoy blooms in this space. Being the ever dutiful husband, I endeavor to please. (right, honey?)

Some roses have a very short vase life. A few last only a day. I am always looking for ways to extend the life of cut flowers. On average we might get 3-5 of enjoyment from most blooms  in vase water alone.

In the garden, we use manure teas to condition the soil and help increase bloom capacity of our roses in the ground. So, I thought I wonder what it would do for cut blooms?

Blooms of ‘Lavaglut’ floribunda roses – Day 10 in vase with a splash of Moo Poo tea!

I began adding a splash of Annie Haven’s Moo Poo manure tea to my vases of cut roses and other flowers and have seen amazing results. This vase of ‘Lavaglut’ floribunda roses have been in this vase for 10 days now and still look wonderful. That’s double the vase life for this particular type of rose! Wow! This particular brand of soil conditioner is odorless and comes from Haven Longhorns and Angus free-range, grass fed, hormone, antibiotic and pesticide-free cattle. It’s an all natural alternative to the chemical products on the market used to extend the life of cut flowers.

I call it one of Annie’s best kept secrets.  I don’t know why every florist in the nation doesn’t use this product in their store to extend the life of their inventory in the cooler. They could even soak oasis in it to further extend the life of arrangement they prepare. I’m sure customers would appreciate the extra days to enjoy their blooms.

This trick has helped me keep my promise to my beloved. With a hard frost this week, these are truly the last of the summer roses and I hope they last another ten days……

Check out Annie and her website of great all natural soil conditioning products at ManureTea.com 

About RedneckRosarian

For Chris VanCleave aka "The Redneck Rosarian", growing roses has become a passion. An American Rose Society Accredited Consulting Rosarian, Chris is an active member of the Birmingham Rose Society and most recently served two terms as President. He is a member of the American Rose Society serving on the Marketing and Membership committees. His writing appears at About.com, on his popular blog, RedneckRosarian.com where he chronicles his gardening adventures and explores an intrinsic mix of life, faith and gardening. Creator and host of Rose Chat Radio, the only broadcast dedicated to growing roses, Chris is a tireless advocate of our national floral emblem; the rose. He and his wife tend a rose garden of over 150 roses just south of Birmingham, Alabama.
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14 Responses to Extending Vase Life Of Your Blooms

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  3. Emily K. Volavka says:

    We’ve displayed our roses since springtime . . . but on the kitchen counter. I am planning to order some of Annie’s products. We have about a dozen different rose bushes, and my hubby loves cutting the blooms and presenting the beautiful flowers to me!!


  4. roseman7stan says:

    Neat concept Chris. I have always used a bit of Sprite in the water to help extend the vase life of my roses. Along with keeping the ends freshly cut so they do not kind of scab over and stop the water and nutrient flow.


  5. Marisa says:

    I wonder if vermitea from earthworms would have the same effect? I’ll give it a try.


  6. What! I had no idea! What a great tip. My roses love MooPoo in the soil so of course this makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing!


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  9. Kris Blevons says:

    Great post! For anyone in the Birmingham area, we carry it at Oak Street Garden Shop in Crestline Village in Mountain Brook. Great for garden and houseplants too!


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