The Power of Flowers – Sundays in the South

Just in from the garden with a bundle of Glads. Flowers do many things. They bring joy, increase your ability to smile, herald in major life events, reduce stress and helps to ease the pain of a loss. You don’t have to be a gardener be able to acknowledge the power that flowers have. Use that power to warm someone’s heart. You and they will be all the better for it. Sunday Blessings to all.

Glads from our garden - VanCleave Rose




About RedneckRosarian

For Chris VanCleave aka "The Redneck Rosarian", growing roses has become a passion. An American Rose Society Accredited Consulting Rosarian, Chris is an active member of the Birmingham Rose Society and most recently served two terms as President. He is a member of the American Rose Society serving on the Marketing and Membership committees. His writing appears at, on his popular blog, where he chronicles his gardening adventures and explores an intrinsic mix of life, faith and gardening. Creator and host of Rose Chat Radio, the only broadcast dedicated to growing roses, Chris is a tireless advocate of our national floral emblem; the rose. He and his wife tend a rose garden of over 150 roses just south of Birmingham, Alabama.
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9 Responses to The Power of Flowers – Sundays in the South

  1. Jennifer Pierce says:

    Beautiful, love them!

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  2. Thank you for such a lovely message on this Sunday morning.


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  4. Leslie says:

    I have always loved Glads. Your pictures have encouraged me to find a place for a Glad bed at Cozy Acres.


  5. They do bring joy and stress-relief, Chris. For sure. thanks for this post and the lovely pix.


  6. I have always loved glads. So many think of them as funeral flowers around here but I think they are stunning in a vase of all glads!


  7. What a lovely post, Chris, so true! Appreciating flowers helps us develop an attitude of gratitude which can extend to all other aspects of our life!


  8. pdlyons says:

    lovely luscious – always reminds me to my grandmother she taught me the name of them, i was about 4 years old and she always grew a crop of glads. used to think they were Sicilian flowers because of her.


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