Downton Abbey Roses from Weeks Roses + a Giveaway


IMG_8025On this weeks broadcast of the Rose Chat Podcast we’re chatting with Karen Kemp-Docksteader from Weeks Roses. She’s telling us all about the beautiful Downton Abbey Collection of Roses. LISTEN NOW

For six seasons, television viewers have been mesmerized by the masterwork of Julian Fellowes, creator of the Downton Series. This series takes place over a historic twelve year period in British History and has captivated audiences worldwide as each week the drama and intrigue of the life and struggles of the aristocratic Crawley family are played out in grand style.


We were overjoyed to discover the news that Weeks Roses had partnered with the folks at Downton to create a collection of roses fit for the aristocracy.

Anna’s PromiseIMG_8015

Anna Bates has certainly had her share of heartache on Downton Abbey, but through it all Anna always seems to see a ray of hope and a promise for the future. This beauty has been growing in my garden for two years and never ceases to amaze us with its unique coloration of roses and abundance of blooms.  A keeper.

Pretty Lady RoseIMG_8014 Lady Rose Aldridge MacClare proved to be quite a handful on the show. Struggling to break free from an overbearing mother, Rose blazed new trails on Downton. Now safely married and settling into marital bliss, it’s no wonder we now have a rose named in her honor. Pretty Lady Rose is as beautiful as its namesake. Fragrant voluptuous blooms are a crowd pleaser to be sure. On our fall garden tour last year, everyone who stopped by had to put their nose in this rose.

Edith’s Darling IMG_8017

I try not to feel sorry for aristocrats who live in castles, have tailor made clothes, a staff to wait on them hand and foot not to mention a rose gardener, but I just can’t help feeling sorry for Edith Crawley. Unlucky in life and love (remember the old man who jilted her at the altar?) trouble just seems to follow her. Now a mother, Edith has finally found the unconditional love she’s always craved in her daughter, Marigold.

This third rose in the Downton Collection of roses is true to form as an English style rose. Soft gold in color, it also has a wonderful fragrance. This rose is in limited release for 2016 and will be widely available in 2017.

Violet’s PrideIMG_8016

If I have a favorite character on this series it would have to be the Dowager Countess of Grantham, Lady Violet Crawley. Her quick wit and open candor makes for some of the most treasured moments in the series. My favorite episode of the entire series is the flower show at Downton. Though the Dowager has a trusty gardener to tend her roses, she takes great pride in her blooms. Especially at the Downton Flower Show.  I love the color of this rose and it is said to have a spice and fruity fragrance. This rose is also in limited supply for 2016 and will be widely available in 2017.

Win the entire collection of roses! Here’s how:

ENTER TO WIN – Through our partnership with Weeks Roses, one of the oldest and largest rose producers in the world we are proud to offer the entire collection of Downton Abbey roses to one lucky winner.  Click on this LINK to enter. The lucky winner will receive four bare root roses directly from Weeks Roses shipped to you at your optimal planting time.

If you have never watched Downton Abbey, I want to encourage you to watch the series. Click Downton Abbey on PBS to learn more from PBS.

I also want to encourage you to visit Highclere Castle. It is the setting for the Downton Abbey series and is a real working castle, a fascinating history and home to Lord & Lady Carnarvon. Visit Highclere Castle to learn more



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  1. The roses are absolutely gorgeous, I do love the cast shots you included.

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  2. Wow beautiful post. I love what you did with each character 😄

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  3. firefly1824 says:

    All lovely, but Anna’s Promise is my favorite. Thanks for blogging this 🙂


  4. writely2015 says:

    I want all of them!


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  6. Connie Warner says:

    Beautiful Roses!


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