#RoseChat is a growing community of rose growers and lovers who gather on Twitter to chat about roses! Simply follow the #RoseChat hashtag on Twitter for news, shares and information on roses from rosarians around the world.


www.RoseChat.info for RoseChat Schedule & Info!


How to particiate in #RoseChat on Twitter:

It’s fun and easy to participate:

Log onto Twitter and type #rosechat in the search box. This will allow you to see the conversation. Make sure your tweet results are set to ALL.

If you use a Twitter interface (I use TweetDeck), If you choose TweetDeck, just set up a column for #RoseChat and follow along that way. (much easier)

Every Twitter chat comes with a designated hashtag. Ours is #RoseChat.

The hastag is key as it will help you and everyone else to keep track of the conversation happening as part of that discussion. In order to participate, your tweets should include the appropriate hashtag. If you tweet without it, your tweets are going to fall on mostly deaf ears and fragment the conversation.

Many people who participate in Twitter chats will follow back other members, so participating in a chat is a good way to increase your influence on Twitter if you prove to be a good resource on a particular topic

Remember you can only tweet a 140 character response this includes the #rosechat hashtag. 

Join in the fun. Participate, even if its just to say hello! You’ll make some new friends and gain some valuable information about the topic at hand.

We have a Fan Page On Facebook! Follow the #RoseChat fan page!

Follow our Founders On Twitter:

Follow  @RedneckRosarian – Daily shares, tips & photos of roses
Follow @AGardenDiary – Daily shares, tips & photos of roses
Follow @Rose_Chat – Updates & Info

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5 Responses to #RoseChat

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  3. WOOT I’ll see you there looking forward to chatting with everyone #justsayroses


    • My wife and I will be traveling Montgomery to B/ham to UAB medical center July 19. It would be in the late afternoon. Do you allow visitors to your garden? I am a two year novice rose grower from Ridgeland, Ms.


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