Roses In My Garden

Complete List of Roses Growing In my Garden of 11/17/2012      123 – Roses  78 – Varieties 

Quantity Variety Class Notes
1 Mutabilis China
1 Old Blush China
1 Altissimo Climber Given to me by Kelly Gordon Spring 2012
2 Christine Climber Given to me by Kelly Gordon Spring 2012
1 Don Juan Climber Climber
1 Fourth Of July Climber
1 Pinkie Climber Climbing Polyantha
1 Red Cascade Climber Climbing Miniature
1 Soaring Spirits Climber
3 Social Climber Climber
1 Unidentified Climber Pink. Given to me by Kelly Gordon Spring 2012
1 Belle Story David Austin English Rose
2 Benjamin Britten David Austin English Rose
3 Golden Celebration David Austin English Rose
1 L.D. Braithwaite David Austin English Rose
2 Mary Rose David Austin English Rose
1 Winchester Cathedral David Austin English Rose
2 Betty Boop Floribunda
1 Burgundy Iceburg Floribunda
1 Cinco De Mayo Floribunda
3 Colorific Floribunda
2 Julia Child Floribunda
3 Ketchup & Mustard Floribunda
2 Lavaglut Floribunda
1 Mardi Gras Floribunda
2 Moondance Floribunda
2 Oh, My Floribunda
3 Scentimental Floribunda
1 White Iceburg Floribunda
2 Our Lady Of Guadalupe Floriunda
2 Cherry Parfait Grandiflora
1 Dream Come True Grandiflora
3 Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora
1 Buff Beauty Hybrid Musk
1 Reine Des Violettes Hybrid Perpetual
2 Artistry Hybrid Tea
1 Barbara Bush Hybrid Tea
3 Double Delight Hybrid Tea
1 First Prize Hybrid Tea
1 Francis Meilland Hybrid Tea
1 Gemini Hybrid Tea
1 Gypsy Hybrid Tea
1 Hot Princess Hybrid Tea
1 Lady Bird Hybrid Tea
1 Let Freedom Ring Hybrid Tea
1 Louise Estes Hybrid Tea
4 Moonstone Hybrid Tea
1 Mr. Lincoln Hybrid Tea
3 Opening Night Hybrid Tea
1 Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea
1 R.K. Witherspoon Hybrid Tea
1 Ronald Reagan Hybrid Tea
1 Sedona Hybrid Tea
1 Signature Hybrid Tea
1 Sugar Moon Hybrid Tea
3 Veteran’s Honor Hybrid Tea
4 Butter Me Up Miniature
1 Cupcake Miniature
1 Jean Kenneally Miniature
1 Kristin Miniature
1 Texas Miniature
3 Tiddly Winks Miniature
1 Warm & Fuzzy Miniature
1 Autumn Splendor Miniflora
1 Memphis King Miniflora
1 Tabasco Cat Miniflora
2 Caldwell Pink Polyantha
2 The Fairy Polyantha
1 Blushing Knock Out Shrub
2 Double Red Knock Out Shrub
2 Pink Knockout Shrub
2 Red Drift Shrub
2 Red Knock Out Shrub
3 Sunny Knockout Shrub
1 Purple Rain Shrub
1 Unidentified Shrub Given to us by Bob Eskew – May 2010
1 Swamp Rose Species
1  Mrs. B. R. Cant Tea  
121   Total Rose Count 
76   Total Variety Count

19 Responses to Roses In My Garden

  1. Teresa says:

    Impressive list! A few I would recommend to you are New Dawn (Delicate Pink/Soft Fragrance), Gertrude Jekyll (Amazing Fragrance) and Bill Warriner (A Blooming Machine!) and, if you have the room for a large, one-time bloomer, Roseraie De LHay.


  2. Love this list and so much fun growing with you Merry Christmas to you and yours Annie


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  4. You reached your goal. How exciting. Looking forward to seeing pictures this summer! What is the next goal?


  5. Angel Blue says:

    I have always wanted to have the Pope John white. it seems just lovely, with a red, maybe Mr Lincoln next to it?
    but the rose I would recommend is the Rio Samba. Fragrant without being offensive. strong and resilient. The rose lasts a long time in a vase and the colors that it grows thru are delightful!


  6. roseman7stan says:

    Great roses on that list Chris! I had over 100 roses at one time in the farm days. Now a little less than 50 here in my “in town” gardens. Some of mine are certainly on your list as well. I am getting a new Julia Child rosebush this year. How has she done for you? Lost my Strike It Rich rosebush over the winter and JC was a recommended replacement.


    • We have had excellent luck with Julia Child here. Usually begins blooming in April and was in almost continual bloom until August. She is a keeper! Disease resistance is very good. Only a little BS here and there. Nothing major.


      • roseman7stan says:

        I would imagine your humidity level there is higher than mine. Thanks for the report on JC. She is being shipped to me on April 23rd, so it will not be long until I am introduced to her blooms. :o)


  7. elenawill says:

    Now you into the evaluating varieties before new additions. It is all fun.


  8. LA Edwards says:

    I love this and the rose named Louise 🙂 Your photos and list of roses are amazing. How fitting I discover this today. My father loved roses he had nearly as many in the yard growing up. Today would have been his 86th birthday. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. The closest we have to something as wonderful is the Portland Rose Gardens, which are rather exquisite.


  9. silvachiqa says:

    Compared to you I am a rank amateur, nevertheless, I keep planting and caring for the ones I own, your roses are lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  10. carolisle says:

    I keep clicking on Cinco de Mayo to see it. Great list a lot I don’t know thank you.


  11. Gallivanta says:

    I am in awe.


  12. What a beautiful list of roses. I should have read this page before asking you about the English shrub roses. We share Golden Celebration from that list. What a lovely book you could publish based solely on photos from your garden! Best wishes, WG


  13. Chitra says:

    Hi 121 roses!!! Wow great….is Winchester cathedral rose stems have thorns? I want to buy white thornless rose with fragrant…. Can you help me….


  14. Phoebe Buskey says:

    Good afternoon. I am hopeful that you will be able to provide me with some guidance. I recently lost a Harison’s Yellow that had been growing on my property for approximately 80 years. I had to transplant it due to some renovations and unfortunately it did not survive. I am absolutely heartbroken. I cannot find another for purchase anywhere and pleas to fellow gardeners have gone unanswered. Is there any chance you may know of anyone who has them for sales, or do you know of any growers in the New England area that might be willing to give me a start? Thank you for your time, any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated!


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