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Wordless Wednesday

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‘Iceberg’ Saturday

This are the final flush of blooms on our Iceberg floribunda.  I love the translucency of the blooms in the sunlight. 

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Monday Whites

Not only are we seeing the deep rich hues of our dark colored roses, we are also seeing a spectacular showing of white roses this week. Pictured below are ‘Iceberg’ and ‘Moondance’ Floribundas along with blooms of ‘Pope John Paul … Continue reading

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Sundays in the South – 10 Commandments For Growing Roses

Dean Hodge, Consulting Rosarian Birmingham, Alabama TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR GROWING ROSES Keeping the biblical 10 commandments ensures a good and rewarding life. They are guides for human behavior. Also growing roses has established rules. These are: I. Thou shall have … Continue reading

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Day 24 – National Rose Month

Iceberg – floribunda White – Introduced in 1958 ARS Rating – 8.5 This rose is what I call a gardeners friend. Once planted, it needs only routine care and will bloom and re-bloom the most beautiful sprays of white roses. Here in zone … Continue reading

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Day 7 – National Rose Month

   This floribunda is a solid winner in my garden. Beautiful flushes of blooms from Spring to Fall. If you’re looking for a great white rose, choose ‘Iceberg’.  

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