Fertilizers, Soils, Sprays

Soil Mixture for Roses in raised beds & pots.
This is a formula that I mix myself and it works in my garden.  Equal parts. Mix all ingredients well. Soil should be very friable.

  • Garden Soil
  • Black Kow or well rotted horse manure
  • Sand
  • Mushroom Compost
  • Mini Pine Bark Nuggets Mulch
After planting, be sure to top dress the beds/pots with about 2″ of mulch to help keep the water in and the roots cool…
Fertilizers I use:
Roses  are heavy feeders. They love to be fertilized.  Below are some that I use.

Sprays I use for rose care

Ortho Rose Pride


Dormant Spray:
Lime Sulfur (spray in winter when roses are dormant)


11 Responses to Fertilizers, Soils, Sprays

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  2. Emily K. Volavka says:

    My husband and I are novice rose growers having about 12 rose bushes plus several knockouts. We had a great blooming season last year and had cut roses in the house up through November. We your articles as they help us in our process of growing the roses. Thanks for keeping us up to date.


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  6. Good procedure given with best formula for Roses in raised beds & pots. They also mentioned ingredients for roses. Good post is given. Thank you


  7. Years ago I made an annual mix of alfalfa pellets, good compost, and Epsom salts in a wheelbarrow and spread it as a spring “mulch” around my rose beds. The roses loved it. Your list doesn’t mention Epsom salts, yet I still greet my roses early each spring with a good handful spread around their roots when they are just breaking dormancy. Is that no longer a recommended soil amendment? WG


  8. Bill says:

    Love your videos. Just discovered your website.We moved to Fairhope about nine years ago from Illinois where we grew wonderful tea roses. Now starting to establish more of a cottage garden with more heat tolerant old roses. So far we’ve got Mareshal Niel (tree form), Mutabilis, Belindas Dream, Dortman, Playboy, Dublin Bay, numerous Knockout. Can you recommend any yellows? Do you have experience with Rev D’or, Graham Thomas, Sunsprite?? Thanks.


    • Bill, Thanks for visiting my blog. I can highly recommend Rev D’or and Graham Thomas. Sunsprite didn’t fare too well in our garden. Other yellows worth a try are Julia Child and also a beautiful hybrid tea – St. Patrick.


  9. Jason Statum says:


    I would like to plant a small rose garden in a 10 x 13 flower bed in my back yard. I live in north Alabama and have red clay soil. I performed a soil test last week and the ph level was neutral (7.0). I understand that roses like a soil ph level of 6.0 to 6.5. What do you recommend to lower the ph of my flower bed soil?



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