Christmas Gifts for Gardeners + a Giveaway!

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners + a Giveaway!

It’s that time once again when we deck the halls and make merry in the spirit of Christmas. For 2015 I have yet again assembled a list of gift ideas that are sure to be the delight of every gardener on your Christmas shopping list.

Flexilla Garden Hose – Watercolors Collection GIVEAWAY


This year, thanks to the generosity of the folks at Flexilla, I am glad to be able to offer as a giveaway finest garden hose on the market today.  Through a partnership with garden designer and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith, they have introduced the Watercolors collection. These beautiful hoses are lightweight and come in an assortment of designer colors, have a lifetime warranty, are drinking water safe and best of all, the don’t kink under pressure!

I’ve been using these hoses in my own personal garden for two years now and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. IMG_2441We have the classic Flexilla green that we use in the front garden and the sophisticated “crazy for cocoa” colored hose in the rose garden. Both have saved us countless hours of stress and aggravation as we hand water 150+ roses each week.

TO Order: Visit

TO WIN: Simply post a comment below of a favorite Christmas memory. I’ll announce the winner by Saturday December 7th! Good Luck.


The Ring Weeder – Awesome Value


Who doesn’t need help with weeding in the garden? This nifty little tool will help you speed through the chore of weeding in no time at all. Invented by a gardener just like you and me, this device fits on your finger and with its forked tip pierces the ground allow you to quickly loosen the soil and pluck those weeds out! A bargain at $4.99. This makes an excellent stocking stuffer.


Hear how the Ring Weeder came to life on this edition of the Rose Chat Podcast


Gardeners Hollow Leg

For someone like me who is constantly out in the garden lugging around a pickle bucket deadheading roses and removing debris from my garden beds, this is a dream come true. This garden bag attaches around your waist. It’s water resistant which a WIN is for me: nothing I put in the bag soaks through to my clothes. They are durable and will be around for many years of use.


TO Order:


Trial Membership – American Rose Society

the perfect gift (1).jpgDo you know someone who is interested in knowing more about roses?
Now is a great time to give them a trial membership to the American Rose Society.  You’ll receive discounts at public gardens, copies of their award winning magazine, American Rose plus a ton of other benefits. For only $10, its a great way to tell a rose lover you love them!

More Info

Happy Shopping!





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Roses On The Rise – The Albrighton Rambler – Roses You’ll Want To Grow in 2016

albrighton Rambler

The Albrighton Rambler Photo Credit: David Austin Roses 

As many of your know we have been on a quest to cover the wooden fence that surrounds our property with roses. I am always on the look out for climbers that will repeat bloom.

I was encouraged to read last year about the introduction of ‘The Albrighton Rambler’ from famed English rose hybridizer, David Austin.  The soft pink color and fragrance appealed to me. Planted in late February of this year, this rose has gained quite a bit of growth in its first year and has produced quite a number of tiny fragrant blooms.  Notice the difference in coloration of my bloom and the one depicted in David Austin’s photo? That is attributed to the climactic conditions between the English countryside of Shropshire and my little back yard in the deep south of Alabama.  Such a beautiful intricate bloom structure that has been the topic of conversation on many a garden walk this summer.

ab rambler

The Albrighton Rambler from our Alabama Rose Garden

I can’t wait to see this rose reach the top of the fence and beyond. For a first year rose, i’m mighty impressed and would recommend it as one of our “Roses on the Rise” for 2016

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First Frost 

  The first frost of the season arrived this morning and brought with it an eerie silence in the garden. It’s always a little sad to see the end of the bloom season arrive, yet a period of dormancy is a necessary component in the lifecycle of a garden. Now begins a period of contemplation and planning for the next season of blooms. 

I’ve already ordered several new climbers and am making plans to clear out a spot to relocate some of our roses and reconfigure the layout a bit in the hopes of adding a few more roses to our tiny garden. 

Stay tuned! 

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November in the Rose Garden

It’s November and the final blooms of the season are singing their swan song in our Alabama rose garden. If you haven’t had a tetanus shot in the last ten years, now is a great time to get one and is a MUST for gardeners. Your tools have worked hard this year, give them a good cleaning before storing for the winter. Continue to water about every 10 days until first frost. Clearing your beds of fallen debris will help keep disease away! 

Enjoy the final blooms of the year!

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October In The Rose Garden

The end of the rose growing season is upon us and here are a few rose care tips for October:  
What’s bloom in in your garden this week? Here are a few of my blooms:


Double hedgerow of Knockout & Drift roses


Veterans Honor


Repeat blooming Iris


Pope John Paul II


Princess Alexandra of Kent


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#ItsARoseThing at the American Rose Society Fall Nationals – Syracuse, New York

This year has been a whirlwind! Our Rednecks & Roses speaking tour has been a rousing success, but also a tiring one. My blog posts have suffered, but I am alive and well, traveling along the highways and hedgerows talking to anyone who’ll listen about growing roses.

We are winging our way to Syracuse New York this weekend to take part in the biggest rose party of the year! The American Rose Societies Fall National Rose Show and Convention. Sponsored by the Syracuse Rose Society, its sure to be a memorable event.

A full line up of speakers from around the globe will be on hand to enlighten and inspire.

L to R: Michael Marriott, David Austin Roses, UK. Alain Meilland, Meilland Roses, France. Bill Radler, creator of the Knock Out rose, Thomas Proll & Steve Hutton, Star Roses & Plants (not pictured)

L to R: Michael Marriott, David Austin Roses, UK. Alain Meilland, Meilland Roses, France. Bill Radler, creator of the Knock Out rose, Thomas Proll & Steve Hutton, Star Roses & Plants (not pictured)

We’ll also see rose entries from around the U.S as the nations top rose exhibitors bring their best blooms to the show to be judged.

The new president of the American Rose Society will take the oath of office and we’ll have a lot of fun in between.

pat shanley

Incoming American Rose Society President Pat Shanley

The Rose Chat Podcast team will be on hand to record the event as only we can. Hope you’ll follow along and join us on Social Media. Just post a picture on Instagram or Twitter using the #RoseChat, #ItsARoseThing or #ARSCon2015 hashtags and we’ll feature you on our giant social media wall at the convention.


Stay tuned for highlights next week!

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Grow Roses for A Colorful Landscape 

Where has the summer gone? We are already on our second flush of blooms in Alabama and I must say that this rose season has been one of our best.  We’ve made lots of changes in the garden this year. Lots of new varieties, new hardscape curbing and we are also adding more perennials to the garden. Check out some of the awesome color we’ve experienced this year. Roses make for a colorful landscape and with varieties such as Proven Winners OSO Happy and OSO Easy roses, coupled with Knockout Roses we are enjoying a constant stream of color in the garden.   Best of all, they require NO Spray, just a semi-annual haircut, and stand up very well in the Alabama heat!


Candy Oh in the foreground, Double red Knockout behind, and Cherry Pie in the center bed left.

Purple Rain – Kordes Shrub rose. short well rounded shrub with TONS of blooms

Francis Meilland NO SPRAY hybrid tea rose along with Peggy Martin rose growing on the fence makes for a colorful display in the garden.

Red Drift roses surround our mailbox. A little girl passed our house the other day and told her mom, look mom the flowers match the flag on the mailbox!

A view from our neighbors yard. Yes, they too have caught the rose bug…. Peach Drift roses in the foreground and Candy Oh in the background.

I simply love the fact that no matter where you turn on our property, you see roses. From every window of our home when you look out you see roses. It’s good to have rooms with such a view.  What’s blooming in your garden this summer?

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First Flush Of Blooms In Our Alabama Rose Garden


Josephs Coat – Climbing Rose


Heathcliff – David Austin Rose


Belinda’s Dream – Earth Kind Rose


Sally Holmes


Climbing Colette


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Roses In Bloom This Week

With much of the hardscape now completed, we have time to sit back and enjoy the roses. Here are a few of the blooms we are enjoying this week.

‘Blushing Knockout’



‘OSO Happy Smoothie’


‘Old Blush’


‘Mary Rose’



What’s blooming in your neck of the woods this week?  

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First Bloom of 2015 – Climbing Pinkie

Each year we eagerly await the arrival of the first bloom of the season. This year, our beautiful earth kind climber, ‘Climbing Pinkie’ blessed us with a first bloom. Soon this shrub will be full of thousands of tiny blooms that will be the delight of those who see it.

Climbing Pinkie - Polyantha

Climbing Pinkie – Polyantha



This rose grows on our back fence and welcomes friends and neighbors to our garden each year. It always waves to those who pass in the alley. It’s sort of our Drive Thru rose lane.

In other news, We continue to make changes to this tiny garden. We removed a diseased tree, added some real fancy concrete curbing that replaced any number of types of rock and brick we used to keep our bordered beds in check. With the removal of the tree, our bird girl statue needed a new home, so we relocated her to a new spot in the garden. After she was placed, we planted three shrubs of ‘Crescendo’ a beautiful hybrid tea rose named for the Nashville Symphony to surround her.



What’s happening in your garden this spring?

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