Join us for the Rose Chat Podcast. This top rated gardening podcast explores the different aspects of roses. With topics ranging from where to plant roses, how to select roses for your garden as well as how to maintain them to achieve the garden of your dreams. If its about roses, we’re talking about it…

You’ll hear from the world’s foremost authorities on growing roses, authors and poets as well as take a look at roses in art, literature and history. We even sneak in a few other topics of interest to gardeners.

Hosted by award winning rosarians Chris VanCleave and Teresa Byington, each of whom bring a unique perspective to the wide world of roses.

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Who We Are

  • Chris VanCleave (aka “RedneckRosarian”) is a 20+ year banking veteran turned rosarian who a past President of the Birmingham Rose Society in Birmingham, Alabama. Chris is an American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian, is a sought after speaker and is currently serving as Chairman of the Helena Beautification Board. He is curator of #RoseChat on Twitter founder and host of the Rose Chat Podcast , Mr. VanCleave is a tireless advocate of our National Floral Emblem, The Rose. He and his wife enjoy a garden filled with over 150 roses!
  • Teresa Byington is a Master Gardener, Rosarian. Her blog, TheGardenDiary promotes roses as an integral part of the landscape. She is co-host of the Rose Chat Radio broadcasts and brings a wealth of knowledge and garden inspiration to the Rose Chat family. She and her husband enjoy a garden of over 200 roses!

Our Valued Sponsors:

  • Haven Brand Soil Conditioners has been our partner in the garden since the inception of Rose Chat. Haven Brand provides all-natural soil conditioning products for the home gardener in easy to use “tea bags” Find them online at www.ManureTea.com

How & When To Listen
Check out RoseChatPodcast.com  for a great lineup of shows!

RCR Image 2014Questions on growing roses can be submitted anytime via Twitter by simply using the #RoseChat hashtag in your tweet or via email at GROW@RoseChat.info Immediately following our LIVE show, the show is archived and distributed to iTunes & Stitcher radio apps as well as other podcasting platforms for your listening pleasure.

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Rose Chat Gardening Podcast

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